Best Cheap UPS?

I've recently been having alot of issues withe he power within my house. I worry the constant outages could damage my PC and its just frustrating being without power as well! I'm looking for a UPS thats reasonably priced and can keep my Laptop/Modem still going for atleast three hours after power goes out.


I have a G75VX ROG Gaming Laptop and NVGS10 Modem. 


Thank you!!

A cheap UPS isn't going to last long with constant recurrent brown-outs. You are going to want a good Line-interactive UPS so that your power is properly filtered and doesn't wear out the battery making it completely useless in 6 months or less.

Also you aren't going to find a UPS that provides power for 3 hours even with only a 100w UPS. Most are in the 1 hour range.

Unless you fancy spending 600 dollars on a 2U rackmount 1000w UPS from APC which you don't even need, that will last you 3 hours.