Best cheap network adapter

So I've been using this unstable pci network adapter and the ping is all over the place when gaming, so I'm looking for something cheap med range and that will offer good ping on windows 10.

How cheap is cheap? Because you can get an Intel one for $30

Like if it's good and will keep me from worrying about getting a new one for a long time I'm willing to spend more, just nothing like $100. Feel free to post what you got though.

Intel Pro 1000 server adapters are pretty good and you can get them fairly cheap depending on how many ports you want. I have a dual port card in my pfsense box. I was using it in my freenas before that for about a year without any problems.

I would say over 50 bucks and below 100 should be fine.

intel nic is fine. i think i got mine for 25 bucks on amazon. might be able to do better via ebay

TP link something, it's like 20 bucks, I'm too tired to search for it