Best Cheap-ish Story Rich Games?

My steam sale game cache, and I NEED MORE GAMES!

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Walking Dead games (when they're on sale).

Shadowrun Hong Kong

Or you could just play the old ultima games.

What streetguru said and dragonfall dc because it will probably be cheaper.


Looks cool! Might get it!

ya but hong kong is a way better game than dragonfall, although the character stuff in dragonfall is rather nice

If you install the unofficial community patch. (which i recommend you do since the developers went out of business) and they launched the game buggy as hell.

I totally recommend
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

It's one of my favorite PC games of all time and it's story rich and very memorable.. Also i has a cult following that's how good the game was. The game should be like 15 bucks right now i believe.. And you can put in i would say 30ish or 40ish hours into it..

Jeanette and Jack are the most memorable characters in the game

Deus Ex 1
Need I say more?

How was KOTOR not the first post😮

I still need to finish HK before I decide if I like it more. The way a game like this comes to a close matters a lot and I really enjoyed the last hours of dragonfall.

But you are probably right on it being the best shadowrun so far.

If u have PlayStation consoles i would recommend yakuza. For pc i would say deus ex but who has not played that

It came out 15 years ago lol you'd be surprised.

If the company would just contact the Xcom team and use their engine the game would be much better off

Gone Home
The Stanley Parable
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Dude I know I am a new user but we seem to have similar minds

console plebs and if u say anything about the ps2 version ill slap u

Console players and people new to PC gaming...

Have you played the original Resident Evil?

The new Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER is really good. Has changed very little and is still a fantastic game.

Great story, puzzles to figure out and can be pretty scary at time. Great atmosphere from this game. Definitely upo there among the all time favourites.