Best cheap gigabit switch

My budget is about $90-$140 AUD. These is my list.
My connection is 100/50 MBPS.
I am also going to be using a NAS.

If you don't need a managed switch then you can't really go wrong, just get whatever you like the look of that has the number of ports you need.

what are the advantages from managed and unmanaged?

You need a managed switch if you need things like VLANs or link aggregation.

Well sounds good

I'm pretty new to switches if I have a router and its what will the default gateway be if I connect to the switch?

Switches are layer 2 devices, they don't know anything about IP addresses. The default gateway in your case is the router, if you have more than one router that's where things start to get complicated.

okay good, if you have a managed switch how do you get the ip for it?

The management interface has an IP address, just like any other computer. But the switch itself doesn't deal with IP addresses, that's what a router does.


I am only using dumb switches and I really liked the small Netgear GS105 for the living room stuff like consoles, HTPC, smart TV and so on. From there on I only had one cable to my old router. But right now I have everything cabled up to a Cisco SG100-16-EU and that one is hooked up to an APU.1D4 running PFSense.

Just go grab a cheap little switch

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Hate to tell you but ... that is a TP-Link.

Yeah I realize that
my point still stands

Uhm , so which one now?

either way it's going to cost you like 25 bucks there's no point, in this usage case,
to get anything more expensive
Find which one comes in a little metal case
that's kind of nice

Just a friendly reminder to look at POE ports if you think you will ever add access points, VOIP phones, or security cameras.

Ah, didn't realize that you edited your post.
Can't comment on the TPLink, never had one of those.

Unmanaged Switch, you say? All the same you say? Hardly. A cheap switch can have all kinds of issues, dropping frames, frying ports, overheating, and sometimes just failing completely.

Top Tier:




Cheap but Good Tier:

Bad Tier:


You may find a cheaper switch that actually has the same ASIC's and Ports as a more expensive switch. You could buy that and then put it in a custom enclosure or something, but since we're talking a $20 difference, you may as well just buy a better switch.

Always buy the "Small Business" type product over the consumer grade product. It may cost 15%-25% more, but it's worth it.

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Something like this?