Best Case?

Which case is the best case here? For airflow, cable management, noise, etc. These are the options

If there is somthing better in the 80-120 price range please list them. Thanks.

The Fractal Design case is smaller, and is much more noise optimized than the other cases here. It's also fairly wide for a tower, which means you'll probably have enough room in the side for cable management. It has dust filtiers and where you need them the most, and has lots of great closed loop water cooling mounting options. And it looks pretty sweet. I'd go with that if I were you.

The NZXT case isn't bad either.

Another to look at. It is a bit cheaper, but I personally have it and can vouch for the airflow. I put the 140mm fan on the bottom, and have two intake in the front and two output on the top. It keeps everything perfectly cool. I also personally like the way it looks (the word elegant comes to mind, though I disabled all leds in the fans). You could save some cash with this one and put it towards more and/or better fans to increase airflow even more. The cable management on it is pretty good. I would like more room behind the motherboard, but it is perfectly adequate. Also, it can support a 280mm radiator and a 240mm radiator (the 280mm radiator also supports a 240mm radiator) if I am not mistaken.

The Thor V2 is another great option. It comes with loads of fans which are massive (the larger the fan, the quieter that it can operate while moving the same amount of air) and is a full tower, meaning that it willl have plenty of room for just about anything that you want to throw in there. I am unsure about radiator support on it though. I personally think that this case is a great option for $130 and a steal for $100.


EDIT: amazon has the Thor V2 for the same price, if you want to stick to amazon.

which nzxt case are you talking about. I like them becasue they look like the fractal r4 but a lot cheaper(well atleast one of them). They also have a lot of the similar features. The phantom just looks hell of a lot cooler and has good reviews.