Best case known for airflow?

Okay, a friend and me are looking for a good case for airflow..(my room gets so damn hot)..anyways.. we were thinking about getting the Coolmaster HAF 932. Anyone know if this is any good? I know those fans have to keep my components nice and cool. Anyways, does anyone recommend any other case or think this is a great one? (Keep in mind, were on a budget)  :)

haf is awesome just a dust magnet

The Tempest.

HAF 922.

How can I reduce dust intake? ...any cheap way xD

construct some makeshift filters. some mesh from the hardware store + some creativity = problem solved.

Antec 1200

I want to swap one of them for my cm-stacker.

Cooler Master HAF 932!! the best!!

Haf is just a vacum cleaner.... / dust machine

the haf isnt a very good choice if you are worried about dust.

HAF 932/922
Antec Twelve Hundred

Well I am really looking forward to getting bedroom gets so ffuckin's insane..having the sun shining right through your window is a pain in the ass. Hopefully this case will help a little...dust is fine, i will start cleaning with my air compressor every ...2

Hey doc are you serious? I've been telling myself i'm gunna swap my 1200 for a CMStacker 830.. I fucking love that case.. PM me if you see this or add my youtube or steam because I probably won't look back here lol..Youtube: XezmerSteam: booger672

why does not ye put a curtain on thy window!!??


Oh...yeah..I did have a huge blanket covering my window..didn't do anything XD. seems as if the heat is just trapped in the blanket.....since my room is already doesn't help having my pc on gaming xD as well as the 360's okay though, i'm moving downstairs..



Table + House fan

Ok, well I don't really use forums that much..