Best case for me

currently i am looking at the corsair carbide 300r but i recently learned it doesn't come with dust filters. I also read that i won't really fit the h100. and since i (probably) will be getting this cooler that is an obvious problem. the case price needs to be as much as or less than the 300r in terms of price. being sleek and somewhat minimalistic like the 300r is also important to me.

Just did a little search on google..Then read a reviews on newegg they say it will fit but, Not in a push and pull setup..Its one or the other..

This is just a quick search..If you want to dig through newegg and read the reviews they have a keyword function just type in h100 and it will pull up reviews with that keyword..You may find something cheaper or better i don't know..


i have an atx mobo, so that won't work

I have the carbide 200r and it has dust filters on the bottom and front. It also appears to support the h100 and it costs less than the 300r.

what would be your thoughts on said case? pros cons?

Sorry I took so long to reply. The pros are that you pretty much get a full featured ATX case with usb 3.0 that's only $60.  I do like the minimalist look to it as well. The only con I can find with it is that its a bit on the noisier side because it has quite a few holes for ventilation.