Best case for aircooling

What do you think is the best case possible for aircooling.  I currently got a Noctua Nh d14 from craigslist for $60, but it was sealed and brand new!  I've installed it in my system (Details in my profile) and it's running great.  I've been able to get a nice overclock!  

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In the near future I think I might pick up a cross hair formula Z and go nuts.  Fuck around and maybe hit five GHZ (doubt it).  

Now I'm also looking to maximize my cooling.  My cooler master Haf 912 runs okay, I Just don't like how it looks.  Also if it's a case i really like, It will stick around for a long time and I might want to put a water cooling system in it.  

So what I basically want is a nice looking case with great airflow designed for the best possible aircooling, but can also handle a nice water cooling system If I choose to. 


I really like this new case from NZXT - H440 >> review <<

Nice size, good airflow, and room for a killer water loop.

i rock a Corsair Air 540. i like the layout and my system stays pretty cool. i'm also thinking about changing the front two 140mm fans to three 120mm. mostly for looks but i think it will give more air flow as well. oh and it is super easy to do wire management, and two easily swap-able drive bays in the bottom. 

only downside is that it's kinda a big

+1 I was almost convinced to change my upcoming build after watching that review. That case looks pristine.

Looked into and I really like it!  It fit's my needs well.   

Given your using such a large cooler there is a big advantage in getting a horizontal motherboard case like the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO. It has unparalleled ventilation (or good ventilation with a window), strong carry handles and can be turned into a test bench and back in short order. Its also only about the same size as most conventional vertical motherboard cube cases like the Corsair AIr 540, but gives you the advantages of a horizontal motherboard layout plus better cooling for your HDD's (a big flaw in the Corsair 540) and sensibly orientated 5.25" drive bays. Only big flaw with it is it only fits four 3.5" or 2.5" drives, even if the mounting system is good and if you watercool it only fits one 120mm and one 240mm radiator plus a 200mm if you go with a custom loop (recommended low thicknesses or slimline fans). Its lower height makes it ideal to mount in a media shelf, so if you want to hook it up to a bank of 3+ large monitors or a TV this is certainly an advantage.

Using this form of horizontal motherboard case will place slightly less stress on the motherboard, result in better mildly more even cooling of the CPU (due to gravity providing even downwards pressure, rather than levering one side towards and one side away as in a standard ATX case), it'll also get you slightly lower Vreg temperatures than any ATX tower without top fans (hot air rises away from motherboard rather than pooling near top, thus motherboard Vreg heat sinks on many boards). It will also give better cooling to cards in cross fire or SLI setups than a standard vertical motherboard and all but eliminates graphics card sag.

If your not happy with a cube case the fractal design arc series gives both great air and water cooling options, decent build quality, good looks, a window and dust filters. But the HAF XB EVO will be both more transportable and cool a little better if you can live with its larger footprint due to horizontal design.

I have the Corsair Vengeance C70 Arctic White. Easy to access, nice cable management and if you add a couple front fans lots of air flow. I was running a Zalman 9900, It is pretty big about 150mm tall but in this case, I had plenty of room. I have recently swapped the mobo to the Crosshair V Formula-Z with a FX-8350 and a Cooler Master 240mm liquid cooling, all fit inside and looks very clean.

I am now with Thermaltake Overseer RX I

  • 4X 200 MM FANS (2x top; 1x front; 1x side) - 2x in complect (2x optional)
  • 2x 120mm (1x rear; 1x bottom) - 1x in complect (1x optional) 
  • Supporting water cooling
  • It has window panel
  • LARGE place to work in (motherboard; HDD; GPU; cabling)
  • That beast weights over 10KG - Thats solid
  • Comfortable to use
  • Good Air filters - removable
  • LARGE MB-CPU Cutout for aftermarket cooling 
  • Easy removable front and top panels
  • HDD/SSD Hot swap bay on top
  • Lifted up - from the ground - for better cooling
  • Easy screw for quick access
  • Advanced cable management
  • Screws and multi-time use zip-ties included
  • Quick pop CD/DVD drives
  • Removable HDD/SSD trays
  • It just looks awesome

If you interested do some research on that

Don't really like the styling on it.  

nice build!  The c70 is definitely one of my considerations!