Best case for $100

Im looking for a case for about $100 I was thinking about the Fractal Design R4 Black Pearl with Window.

Fractal is always a good choice.

The Fractal R4 is great, and the Fractal XL R2 is also on sale for $100, right now. The Corsair C70 is also about that price, and is worth considering.

I will say from ownership the Fractal Design Define R4 w/ Window is the best case I've ever owned. Great build quality, great cable management, and very reasonable price.

r4 windowed hands down

Fractal is always nice.  i recently bought an NZXT Phantom 410 for $95 shipped.  I got a hell of alot of stuff to fit neatly in there too.

gee thats cheap here in australia the r4 is $220 and the c70 is $240


If you want too go matx which really isn'tlimiting at all these days i love my corsair 350d

You know what looks really nice and is pretty quiet?

The Thermaltake Urban. Really sleek, and professional looking.