Best Case For ~$100? Or a different, better use of my money?

Hey guys.

I am going to ask for a PC case for St. Patrick's day, since we get gifts from the "leprechauns". (for example last year I received a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard, which works great) I am running my build on a Rosewill FBM-01 case, which is completely awful.

Note that I:
-do not have USB 3.0 headers. (a case with them is fine, but I can't use the USB 3.0)
-own a MicroATX motherboard, but it would be convenient if I could get a case that will take an ATX board.
-would like to water cool at a point in time, because I have the Pentium G3258, and will upgrade to another unlocked Intel later on.
-really want a case window.

What is the best case for less than or equivalent to $100 that fits my needs? Also if you could get a case that has $10 or $20 left over for a green LED strip and/or a few green fans, that would be awesome.

Or would it be better to invest in an SSD or water cooler? Let me know, but it needs to be in that $100 ballpark.

Thank you guys and have a great one.

You're better off upgrading to an i3 if your CPU is really holding you back, is your motherboard even Z87/97? Seems like USB 3.0 headers would be standard on that platform

Watercooling is really only worth it for smaller form factor builds, as far as reducing risks, a large air cooler is going to be safer.

otherwise, HAF XB all day

Fractal Design's Define S with Window goes for around $80-$100 normally but you can find an occasional $60 sale

No, it is H81.

Well, then you can't overclock anyways so...ya, someone shoulda mention that when you were buying your parts

Either save up for an i5, or I'd just go with a HAF XB EVO and call it a day, though the hot swap bays can be finicky they're supposed to have been fixed, I think it's mostly that people tried to actually hot swap the drives, resulting in dead drives.

If its an MSI H81M-E33 or a similar board, he can overclock to some extend, by flasing the bios...
My brother has done this by seting multiplier and voltage in bios...
Aircooled g3258 by tx3 evo to 4.2ghz. but it ran too hot so he back it down a notch, dnt know by how much.

But i dont think it can be applied to overclock an i7 or an i5 even a K one...

That sounds like a horrible idea, as low end boards have probably low end power delivery and wouldn't be stable or would catch fire.

Look at Fractal or NZXT, they have nice clean cases. Got my Fractal Define S, non-windowed, for 70, it's big though the case will probably outlive the system.

It wont catch fire.. But ur right its crap.
So dont watercool if ur gonna overclock that pentium on h81, buy a good air cooler so it can cool ur motherboar aswell.
PS Fractal Core1500/2500 are good cases for 50$.. but if u dont have one definitely get an SSD.