Best card to buy on B Friday or Cyber Monday

My price rane is around $200-$250. I want a card I can play Bf3 on a single 1080p Monitor. Depending on the prices I will have to make a decision.

7870, 660 Ti, 660, 7950 are all good cards that should be around that price range.

7970 might drop down into the $250 area....edit: silly me, the 7970 is $400... *facepalm*

i have evga 660 ti ftw.

if any deals on those come up get it. plays bf3 without any hiccups :)

In Canada, the Asus Direct CU II 7870 was on sale for $200. Put that in my build I just put together last week. Honestly, for the money, there are few cards that come close to the 7870 anjd 7950.

I would get a 7950 if I were you, because it's overclockability puts it ahead of my 7870 overclocked. Newer architecture. Honestly it's up to you.

The Nvidia budget cards have smaller memory busses, which means games that demand that last 500mb of DDR5 (so in 1-2 years) you will notice a definitive slowdown. Games now it's almost impossible to tell unless it's like Crysis with high res texture pack installed.

I'd feel more confident with a 7870 with the 256bit memory bus playing something 2 years from now, than with a 660ti. The GTX 670 is where if you get the right non-reference design you start pulling ahead of the pack.

670 goes shot for shot with 7970. 680 blows everything out of the water overclocked.

690 is like $999 or maybe more but if you were to get that in the future it's pretty much two GTX  680s in one card. Why not right?

So you have the budget nvidia cards at #3 = 660 and 660ti and the 7870 wich destroys both when overclocked.

At #2 you have the 7950 and 7970

At #1 you have GTX 670, GTX 680, GTX 690

At your price range I would spring for a 7950 if you can find ANY model on sale. you'll pat yourself on the back for it later. It's well worth the max $250 of your budget. It's unlikely you find it that cheap though. Even a reference model of the 7950 I would take it, buy a few $5-$10 case fans to increase airflow and give you the best overclock.

Also going into your case and re-managing some wiring, even a small amount will help you keep things a little frostier. Cleaning dust etc. With a reference 7950 the fan is BRUTAL loud. Like 45 db on 50% but it won't get much louder. Honestly if you have speakers or headphone game it's not a big deal. If you play games in silence then well there is something wrong with you and I have no options for you.