Best card for under $200?

hey i really want to upgrade my card. i was thinking about the evga 9800 gtx 1 gig or just the normal but il take anything thats under 200 but is awsome. it can be up to $250 i guess but id like to keep it under 200. so i just want some recomendations for the best card on the market for around $200.



beats the GTX 285 and it gets like 2FPS less in tests the its big brother the 4870x2

diamond 4850 on for 140 best non-referece cooler gpu you ca get for the money EDIT: Screw what i said get the 4850x2 from newegg.

my HIS 4870 512mb version, $179. (newegg) or if you're ballin, get the iceq4 version for even more awesomeness. (over $200, under $300.. there's a couple different iceq4 4870 versions)

Definintely that 4870 that Kokun/John brought up. You can screw the 9800's. That 4870's price/performance rapes Nvidia's 9 series cards in the butthole without lube. Because the GTX 260's are $250+, I do not consider them part of this competition for those who are probably gonna flame me.

well i have a radeon sapphire HD 3870 right now. is the HIS Radeon HD 4850 ICEQ 4 a lot better? like will i see a difference?

Yeah it will, but paying the extra 20-30 dollars and getting that 4870 would be an entirely new world of difference.

oh um whats the full name of the 4870?

a 4870 is like 180 so unless the price of the gtx260 (not the regular one) drops to that, i think it would be your best bet.

That's the HIS one with the stock/reference cooler.

This one's from Sapphire and comes with a non-reference cooler. But it costs 10 bucks more.

but the evga 9800 gtx gets great reviews and my friend has one and he said it can play anygame when he overclocked it

The 4870 outperforms it. Trust me. I'm running the 9800 GTX+ from EVGA, and honestly, I regret getting it. Other than it looking pretty badass, it's not better than the 4870 for sure.

When I decided to upgrade my GPU I was on a tight budget and ended up picking up a 9800gt for 100$. But in your case, i would definatly go with a 4850 x2. Its a kickass card.

ok ok fine but what should i get theres the 4850 and the 4870 i think?

4870 for sure.

dont consider the 4850 the 4870 is better

on the other hand the 4850x2 beats the 4870 by a good bit.

sooo this one?

an open box? seriously? get RETAIL.

yeah well is that the card your tellin me to get?

itis what THEY are telling you.

But yes. Get that card