Best card for dell 19" monitior

Ok, so I'm building a new PC, and I'll be using a widescreen 19" monitor, which I have. What would be a good card for my monitor, seeing as I'll only be playing in 1440x900? I'll be playing a lot of FPS games, like CSS, Crysis, Portal, Bioshock, FEAR combat, STALKER, etc. What card will let have me play on high settings in 1440x900 rez?

8800gt, 9800gt, 9800gtx, HD 4850.. that's the most i'd spend for a monitor of only 19"

Would that all play all games smoothly on my monitor?

I would get the 4850 with that monitor. If your into OCing. look into the 9800gtx+.

Forthecommunity: Does the 9800gtx+ beat the 4850 when it is OC?

get the best you can afford, never know when having the extra power will come in handy. down the road a game might come out that will need the extra power even at that resolution. or maybe you'll randomly get a bigger monitor, who knows.

I have the choice between a 9800GTX+ OC or a 4850 OC for $165 w/ free shipping. That or a 9800GT for $130 w/ free shipping?

if you don't plan on upgrading your monitor anytime soon, i'd get the 4850 or 9800gtx. both are on par for the most part. i personally want the HIS 4850 iceq4

but either card will play any game at that resolution at the best settings easily.

9800gt will do fine, but you might have to turn down the settings a notch for some of the more intense games like crysis, farcry 2 and the newer games that are to come out.

i have a 19inch also

4850 oced basically does everything

but for somee future games and whatnot

get yourself a 4870 to be on the safe side

Any card with 512Mb of VRAM is sufficient. If you're gonna play all max, try the 9800GTX+ 1GB

GTX 260 Core 216

I got a 9800GTX+ by EVGA and it ran COD5 VERY well. I play lots of source games too and I get really high frame rates. Thats the card I would get, you can get them on newegg for 175-200$ depending on the version and manufacturer

Pinoy: an overclocked 9800gtx(nonplus version) rapes 4850. (Im not saying this because I own a 9800gtx, It's a pure fact.)

well i use GTX260-216 on my 19'' and cant get 100% smooth with some games i play. It depends what settings u want to use.

u can get 4870's for a decent price atm, 512mb version will do.

I'd get 9800GTX+

9800GTX+ or HD4850 would be the best for a widescreen 19"

Ofcourse all NeW gpu's run everything on max on a small ass monitor. Pure fact.

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