Best Build for $1800?

Building a computer soon, and I have $1800. I have made so many pcpartpicker builds but I can't decide. I wasn't sure whether I can go 2011 or not but anyway.

Budget: $1800

Country: US

Peripherals: Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor (Monitor shouldn't be included in price, just would like some recommendations)

Computer Use: Gaming, Music Production (Ableton), Rendering various graphical "things" for school (AutoCAD, Maya, etc)

Overclock: Yes

Watercool: AIO would be nice

OS: No


Settings, FPS: Ultra 60 FPS

Resolution: 1080, but if it can be powerful enough to get 60 on 1440 then 1440

Game Genres: FPS, RTS, RPG, MMOs, Point and Click

Games: BF4, Skyrim (ALL THE MODS), DayZ SA

Application to render: Ableton, AutoCAD, Maya, 

What do you render: Audio, VSTi's,


Kind of Keyboard: Mechanical

Kind of Mouse: Palm

What kind of games: LoL, BF4...

Monitor: 24 or more, 1080 or 1440 if possible, Screen type doesn't matter, 120hz or 144 is preferable.

Other notes: Would prefer AMD for GPUs as I like to mine. I will probably need to render stuff in applications like Maya, or some other similar application but I don't know as I will not start until next year of school.


I think the LGA1150 socket or AM3+ would be perfectly fine.

Peripherals: Shimian 1440p monitor, Corsair K70, Razer Deathadder?  Look into em.

Something along the lines of:


MSI z87-gd65 gaming


GTX 780/780 ti/r9 290/290x  <-- Nvidia build <-- AMD build

Do not go with an Intel build unless you want to step up to an I7. You really want all 8 threads for things like Cad and rendering. That said, I really like the Fx-8350 and a good motherboard in this price range. Here's what I got: and for a monitor I'd get the X-star 1440p panel here:

+1 on the AMD build.

4820K 300


2x8GB 2400MHz 100

Case 100

Custom Loop 300

ref. 290X 600

I'm sorry you seem to be on massive amounts of cocaine right now. 2400mhz ram for $100? bitch plz. You went socket 2011 with the 4820k and are using none of the socket 2011 benefits plus the Cpu is slower than a 4770k. You also recommended a 290x with a stock cooler when you could get a non reference 290 for the same price and better performance. And since when is a custom loop $300? Are you just cooling the Cpu because then you might as well get an AIO for maybe a degree hotter performance for $100.

Yeah this is a terrible idea.

But I do want an i7 for CAD and rendering

If you want an I7 go ahead but I will warn you, you will get better performance out of the AMD build because of a better graphics card and more capable motherboard. Here's the I7 build: I also still recommend the 27 inch x-star 1440p monitor from my earlier post.  

Why is the RAM and keyboard have to be so expensive? Do I really need 2133mhz RAM? and I'm ok with a cheaper keyboard like the Cooler Master ones.. Plus wouldn't a samsung SSD be better at the same price

You want very high speed ram to help render times. The keyboard is a quality keyboard that is usually on sale if you shop around. And that SSD is better and cheaper then the Samsung ones. Pny is a server grade manufacture of SSD's. They are rated to last the longest by Intel.

That SSD is also $40 cheaper than the Samsung SSD's...

I don't know if I will be rendering anything insane but can't I just go with a 4820k and a Gigabyte UP4 and get a really good GPU?

No its not

Yes another one long story >_>

lol. Thanks.

i7/780/16gb ram build:

8350/780/32gb ram build:

Build with keyboard and mouse:

8350/280x with keyboard and mouse:

Mechanical keyboard:

Non Mechanical keyboard:

What's your budget for a 1440p monitor.. they can get expensive.

1080p is considerably less expensive

1440p monitor:

1080p monitor:

Good luck.


He said the keyboard and mouse need to be in the $1800 portion of the build...

Try this...

If it's too far over budget, drop the SSD. You can always grab one later if you want. This will handle a vast majority of games on max settings at 1080p. There are of course a couple of exceptions, such as Crysis 3. That game will make any hardware configuration work hard. Even SLI/Crossfire rigs have trouble maintaining a decent frame rate.

Word of advice: most people cannot tell the difference between high and ultra settings anyways, so if your frame rates are suffering, turn some things down a notch.