Best brand for DP cables for use with KVM and the DP repeater?

I just got my DP repeater and I have two KVMs that I was going to try (to see which is better).

Then I realized I don’t actually have any DP cables. Looking for recommendation on a good brand? I’m also going to need some Thunderbolt to DP+HDMI cables.

I use Club3d Pretty exclusively, I think @oO.o does as well


Yeah probably Club3D or the StarTech cables. They are pretty pricey but at least they work and have support from an actual company.

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I generally trust Startech never used their cables, but would 100% believe they are generally good products.

Thanks guys. Will see. My packing manifesto says I have a slew of Monoprice DP ones somewhere, in some boxes, somewhere in the basement. I’m debating trying to find them vs. just ordering new ones.

The downside of moving…

Yep. Look at their site to see everything they have. Sometimes the more obscure cables/adapters won’t come up in Amazon unless you search the exact model.

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Oh another one I forgot is DeLock, but I think they are mostly operating in the EU. Not sure if their stuff is readily available in the US. But I have not had any issues with any of their product so far, although I have not yet used any cables specifically.

I have used Startech, Shiverpeaks and Club3D
Never via a KVM though.

I went through quite a few KVMs a while back. In the end I just ran everything through VMs and assigned a ddcutil script to one of the silly media keys on my RGB keyboard. This switches keyboards and monitors to the appropriate VM without any of the hassle from DP / HDMI versions not working with the KVM / keyboard and or posting problems. PM me or repyl if you want my scripts etc. It also means the funky RGB stuff on my keyboard runs off linux at all times so the music visualization on my keyboard stays consistent at all times.

Of course … it depends on what your doing but across my server rack I just use VNC etc. … though granted - thats does suck compared to the responsiveness of an actual monitor / keyboard. When that bothers me I go for super high tech approach of unplugging from one computer and pluggin it into the other and selecting the display cable manually from my montior.

Best KVM I’ve ever had.

I am a bit confused. You have multiple physical computers? How are you controlling all of them from one VM?

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