Best brand for an HD 7950





Power Color?


ASUS/MSI stay away from xfx a lot of there cards have overheating problems.


Ordered the Powercolor 7950 PCS+ yesterday I'll let you know how it is when I get it.

Ok. Hope it treats you well!

Alright, how about HIS? Logan says there pretty good and they stay frosty cool.

I hear good things about HIS, especially their overclocking capabilities.

if your looking at a HIS look for the ICEQ vershons

Yup. I just put one in my build.

So I guess that means you got the HIS IceQ 7950, then...

More specifically, the HIS IceQ X2 Turbo. A lot better than the single fan HIS.

Ther BEST card are here!

Because they are voltage unlocked!

Price is good..and they have EK compatible water-blocks


I got the card in the mail earlier today. Managed to OC it up to 1150Mhz CC, 1575Mhz MC @1.2V.  Temperatures are usually around 65~70C on load (auto fan). I could probably go higher on the OC, but I don't want to add more volts.  Card is also whisper quiet, the way I like it. 

Aww nice man. Thanks for the feedback! :D