Best booters

Looking for something that does not cost a WHOLE lot.
I'm looking for something to take down a decent sized server for a while. Or atleast slow it down so it is almost unusable and takes it down for about 30 min.
I'm looking to take down my server...>_>

If it's your own server then I guess thats ok. Could you tell us why you want to take it down?

If you want to slow down a server, just point a HOIC or LOIC at it. If you're spending money to "hack," you're doing it the wrong way.

Why not?

Eh, I've been doing that for some time but its not as poweful as I would like it to be.
I never said I was looking to "hack".

Depending on the type of server application you are attacking you could use a layer 7 dos attack, there was a man who once took a site down and kept it down with a cellphone by using a layer 7 attack for a few days.So I guess just study up on those and see what you can do.


Don't use those they are botnets, and they don't even try to keep that fact a secret.


malformed syn packets work pretty well on a lan but there is better ways to take a server offline on a lan than dos'n it. the best way to take a machine off a lan is nullroute/blackhole it's traffic.. it simply works because that is network logic. if it's not on lan i can't help you, even if it is your server you're accessing your machine through other people's machines. i'd suggest something simple like various forkbombs.

Eh, I hardly know anything about "hacking" or "cracking" into servers so I'm just looking for something I can just put an IP in a just click to boot. Something very simple.


I just went with Deluxe Stresser.

Psssshhh, you must mean "stresser," not a "booter" because a booter is illegal >.>


Either way, if you don't wanna pay (Rhymes) you can use and stress test YOUR OWN server, obviously.




Let me recommend you my booter:

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Looking for a good booter?

Use Darkbooter

DarkBooters custom API and Private Shell list give it the extra attack types and hard hitting GB/ps needed to take down larger servers such as Private WoW Servers and Minecraft, DayZ Game Servers and even Runescape servers.

LOIC could never have the power to take down a website on a home connection, maybe a 12-year olds minecraft server.

My recomendation would be to get a booter source and get some shells off of

If you want to pay, quantumbooter and ipstresser are nice.

I personally use Power Stresser. I love it, very high power, working and fast skype resolver, they have cheap packages aswell. Overall I think it is one of the best booters/stressers

Hi MintySyrup . To save you some money Linux comes to the rescue. The tool that you need is called siege , it is in all major linux repos. It is a benchmark and a stress testing tool for web servers.
Basic usage:

siege -d [TIME IN S] -c{NUMBER CONCURRENT SESSIONS] http://HOST and are a friends booters. Royal hits hard with great packages. Micro is fast and cheap.