Best Blog Site?

Hey Community

Whats the best blogging site? Im looking to just share my photography stuff, just somewhere where i can upload my images to and write about the image and people who take intrest in the subject can join in and comment.

Ideas people?


Thanks in advance!

Well, we have a rather empty blog system here that could use your creativity :)

But, the best blog site would be your own domain, so you don't have that "" or "" crap; quite off-putting. It would be easy to integrate any number of blog systems on your site with minimal, to no actual "coding," markup, or any of that business.

Yeah we do, but i dont feel i have the freedom i would like, i want to do it like a scrapbook mainly, my plan was to have the blog and post the link on here, although i may play around with the blogging system on here and see :) 

Also not exactly too good at creating a good website, if i was id prefer to make it my self, so i know exactly what was happening behind the scenes, i was hoping for something like wordpress or some website 

I'm a bit late to the party, but Octopress might be something worth looking at, It does seem to prefer to be run on *nix systems(uses Git and rsync to publish the site and update it).

It's written in ruby and based on Jekyll and produces a purely static html site, so it's pretty secure since all dynamic things are javascript.