Best Battlefront 2 HD Texture/Effects Mods?

I just played the beta of Battlefront, I like it, runs very well and very fun. So I now want to try Battlefront 2 as everyone says it is a much more superior game than the upcoming one just to understand why people say it is better.

Since the game is available in GOG, it is cheap and able to be modded, I have been looking for good texture mods etc. Nexus Mod only has 3 of them and they are not texture related.

So can anyone recommend the best texture mods you have ever seen? Also, some tips for a new player in Battlefront 2, thanks!

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This is the best one already? I guess I'll install this mod when I got the game.

@Commodore_64 I just bought the game yesterday and fired it up with the mod. OMG! BEST 10 DOLLAR SPENT EVER! I have so much fun even in single player, sadly I can't play multiplayer as Gamespy had shut the server down I heard.

The game doesn't seems to fill up to 1080p natively in the menu. And also, after installing the mod, the blaster's icon would appear right beside my crosshair. Not sure if there is any remedy for that.

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Ive only played that game vanilla and not for very long. for MP, Again, I have no 1st hand experience using this thing.. so find out if its safe first eh.

this is like Hamachi (which is not so good now I think)

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Sadly, the server pings are too high for me to play as I live in Asia. With that said, Battlefront 2 is really damn great. I have made some comparison between the two.

CONTENT: Battlefront 2 Hands Down!
-I don't need to explain this do I?

GUNPLAY: Battlefront 2015
-The mechanic of overheating + quick reload + cards actually make Battlefront 2015 a very fun shooter. The blasters have the right impact. I feel the shooting of Battlefront 2 too stiff and too Quake like for my liking.

HEROES: Battlefront 2015
-I find heroes in Battlefront 2 OP (judging from Battlefront 2 videos by other players) whereas in Battlefront 2015 is less OP. You can't just simply run into a group of soldiers and not getting melted in Battlefront 2015.

FLYING: Neutral
-I suck at flying in both games.

GAMEPLAY: Battlefront 2
-Battlefront 2's different game modes are extremely fun, and I do gripe many's outrage over the absence of space battles, they are so fun to do even in single player! I hope Battlefront 2015's fighter squadron will have random objective per game contain something similar to Battlefront 2 such as capture the flag or take down descending ships instead.

-Battlefront 2's has a deeper mechanics curve in my opinion as your opponents are running pretty fast, there isn't as much cover for you to take as compared to 2015. Also, you spawns as different classes with different purposes for different situations.

-Battlefront 2015 has very simplified mechanics to appeal to newer player base however I think it needs more polishing. For example, the fighters power ups are kinda stupid if you ask me. The reason being it is too random and this is immensely highlighted in Walker Assault mode.

-Not having an in-game VOIP in a modern day game is extremely weird, at least you can still add a mute button for those that do not like to listen to people talking.