Best Bang4TheDuck Gaming PC

Hello TekSynd World.

Today i need your help i have 1000 ducks to spend in a gaming pc and i got this config for the money. Tell me what you think and if i could cut on something liek psu etc. Dont need SSD i will not OC for know so dont need aftermarket CPU cooler.

G.Skill DDR3 8GB

Western Digital 1TB WD10EZRX Blue Sata 3

CoolerMaster N400 black

EVGA SuperNova 750G2

MSI 4GB R9 290 Gaming

MSI Z97 Gaming 5

Intel Core i5-4690K 

Not overclocking you don't need the K part or a Z series board. 



Get a non-K cpu and an H97 board maybe and you should be able to cut down on costs.

I will not OC for know like for 2 mounths then i will

but how about the PSu?

The evga supernova g2 750w is a good power supply, but overkill.

So what PSU do you think i can use?

Seasonic G Series 650w

build looks fine, however, the shop you want to buy, is there also a Sapphire 290 TriX OC availeble?

Cause the Sapphire is allot better wenn it comes to cooling then the msi card.

put together a little build. gets you a 290x.