Best Bang For Buck Flash Drive? 64gb for $15/128gb for $25

Currently using a refurbished 160gb hard drive to back up all my important stuff to, so as I need a better solution I'm going with a flash drive for easy of use for my regular back ups

While I would like one of the full steel durable drives from kingston, those seem to be limited to 32gbs which is a bit too small

and I believe there are sandisk drives that are like really fast, but I don't really need speed so much, and I could just buy like a new 1tb hard drive, but it's a bit of hassel breaking out my USB hard drive reader, or hooking it up directly compared to just popping in a flash drive

64gbs USB 3.0 for around $15

Also in consideration 128GB USB 3.0 for $25, just found this one actually, there's another one from silicon power, but it's for prime members only

Doesn't matter where it's from, I usually just buy things with amazon gift cards, but 7-11 was out of them for now, so I have to make the long trek to my bank now.

Anyone know of anything better?

I'm not a flash drive aficionado, but I've used a couple PNY flash drives (five) and I've only had trouble with one, and that may be because I stripped it out of it's case on purpose. Their SD and microSD cards have also been good to me.

PNY gets my vote.

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had a PNY one for years too, although the silicon power one is going to be slightly better GB per dollar, if I just compress my data better though I should be alright with just the 64GB stick, maybe.

They do have a 128 GB PNY for $30 in USB 3.0 flavor, or $25 in USB 2.0 if space is a concern.

Having said that, I don't think it would matter too much about brand. It's a flash drive, they're so common I've seen plenty that are just chip-on-board with a plastic outer casing.

Ya, I just feel kinda bad for anyone who for some reason thought their $5 128GB flash drive was real, there were quiet a few, not sure why amazon even allows them there

+1 for pny. all of the flash drives i have are pny. they have gone under hundreds, if not thousands of full device flashes to them.

PNY makes solid flash drives but i dont think they make a 128GB one for under $40 cheepest one i have found was 32 GB for $20 but that was 8 months ago

I use a Corsair Survivor 64GB, it's served me well for the last year.

Bit overkill for me I won't be taking my flash drive down river rapids anytime soon.

I've just had so many break, I wanted something sturdy.

Have that exact PNY drive for work. Washed it multiple times and it still works. Fast transfer speeds. +1 for the PNY