Best Bang for Buck Card in $300-$400(Cad) Range

Hello I am looking for a new card that has the best price to performance ratio in the $300-$400(Canadian Dollar) range. I have been looking mainly at the GTX 770s, R9 280X, and the 7970 but I don't know which one would be best. I am currently running an Asus 560ti 1GB, Asus Sabertooth  990fx R2.0, AMD FX-8350, Corsair TX650M, and 16GB of Patriot Viper 3 DDR3-2133.

Thank you, Bobyochen.

quite a decent build you have there. well, the r9 280x is pretty much a tuned 7970ghz, so i would throw the 7970ghz out of the equation unless you could get it for a really good price. the 280x beats the 770 by just a bit in most circumstances. also, i have a feeling that retailers will claim to have a "giant sale" on their r9 290's and put them down to $400 like their original price. so you could just wait for that to happen

Do you have any idea when the price drop would occur? 


Thank you, Bobyochen. 

not a damn clue my friend. and at this point, im not sure those cheap bastards ever will. i was looking to get the r9 290. not anymore. the 780 is better

waiting for a r9 290 to drop to $400 is a fool's errand... litecoin miners will scoop them up before you hear of the sale... you're lucky to get a r9 280x for $400...

get a GTX 770 unless you're in the European market... they run about $330 nowadays... the 2GB model will play anything beyond recognition in 1080p and even hit decent marks in 1440p