Best Bang 4 Your Buck?

A lot of people want to know what's the best value.
Toms Hardware has new benchmarks posted, and I took those numbers and found out who REALLY has the best value.,51.html
*I'll post a B4B (Bang 4 Buck) including 9800GT and other popular cards at another time

Winner is the ATI 4850 ! ! ! close in 2nd is the GTS 250

lol @ 4870 x2 bottom of The Last Remnant.

yeah ATI GPUs don't seem to like 'The Last Remnant' too much. The Last Remant uses the new Unreal Engine which works better on Nvidia GPU.

should i just make 'Bang 4 Buck' a monthly Blog? I'll try to make the chart better. did it in notepad...

If you have time, sure. It might give some insight to some of the noobies that don't know what to buy.

The best bang for my buck is something that isn't ATi.

There are no bang for bucks when it comes to video cards. Either you're paying for a shitty rebrand or a card with crappy drivers. In the end, who wins? ATi and Nvidia do.


"The Bang 4 Buck Ratio" changes almost every week or so, as companies cut the prices on their products.

Can I edit your post to make you look like a dick? I sure fucking can.

~Retarded Snowman

um lol, nice.

@ gnuojoung... i would really like to see that as a blog if you have some time.