Best backup solution - RAID 3.5 Sata w/out NAS?

I've been following you guys for a while and mean to support you through buying some colourful t-shirts but unfortunately I'm currently stuck in Pakistan (long story).

I'll be back home in the UK in around a year and a half but have a problem in finding a back up solution..

Here are my criteria, hope you can offer the best solution, I realise it's an awkward situation;

  1. There are regular power cuts here as well as power spikes, I can however look into buying a small cheap UPS system to attach to the storage device if needed.

  2. I need a storage solution without network ability/wifi/etc as it's completely pointless for where I am based right now

  3. I will be fitting the bay/enclosure with 2x 3TB hitachi drives

  4. The temperatures out here are around 80-90 degrees fareinheit so I'm assuming I'd need a metal bay/enclosure perhaps with a fan

  5. Anything left on any surface will gather terror dust - I have to clean out my laptop fans every 3 months as they get clogged out here incredibly fast.. I can maybe look into buying one of those mesh pieces I saw in one of your videos.. it came with a NAS box I think.. The issue here is the enclosures/bays I've seen all have giant holes in them or no holes at all

  6. The parts would have to be purchasable within the UK as I can try and get somebody to bring them to me.

  7. Am on a budget as evidenced by my current location :D


I guess I'm being optimistic in hoping there's a better alternative to me just getting a WD 6TB My Book Duo External Storage device..

Thanks for any help/advice


This issue came up as I have no backup of my current system and have a lovely winload.efi error that will only be fixed with a windows refresh - the insane data bandwidth caps out here mean I wouldn't be abel to re-download the uninstalled applications though... or I'd have to spread the re-installs across 3 months :/

It would be amazing if I could just buy parts directly from Asia - unfortunately the insane corruption/anartchy out here means postage is basically stolen and the local markets are flooded with counterfeit rubbish.

NAS solutions add extra cost.. I would be able to use it as NAS when I return to the UK but for now out here it seems pointless unless I also then buy a new router as the local internet provider runs garbage routers