Best Asus price/performance mobo

So I posted something on the mobo section a couple weeks ago about my roomate needing an asus (and was called a fanboy all over the post) anyways I showed him the mobo and he said no. So we need the best price to performance motherboard from asus.



Good onboard audio

can support PCI-3.0 

Intel 1155 

3 sata 6gbs

1 molex connector

good bios

somewhat new


Thanks for the info

also if it's under 150$ I'll buy a gtx 680 if its over i'll buy a 670

for price/performance avoid Asus

So than tell me some non asus boards i guess

ASrock extreme 4

thought so. Asus seems to have this

motherboard which is highly reviewed, has all the features I need, and is 30$ cheaper with the same onboard audio. Why should I spend 30$?


the extreme 4 is the same price

and has better VRM coolers and 8+4 VRMs for better overclocking

other than that you wont see much of any performance difference between either

Why do you need a molex connector ? if you mean supplimental power the Gigabyte boards have that, Id reccommend something like the D3h or UD3H as theyre around your price range and have a solid no frills feature set and are designed for performance.

Hello JJCerrel,

Check out the P8Z77-V LE PLUS it is a monster board with great features and performance.

 Some of the really outstanding value points at this price point is full manual fan control of each header ( both in the UEFI as well as within the OS ). Additionally you have great overclocking capabiility.


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A number of cool USB features and funcitonality

USB Charger + which will let you quick charge tablets and smart phones even while the system is off ( compared to other baords which only offer it for iOS based devices ).

Superior USB 3 Performance via USB 3 Boost and the abiility to flash/update or recover the UEFI via USB Bios Flash Back ( a way of updating the UEFI with no CPU, Memory or Graphics Card just stand by power from the PSU connected )

Rounding it out the UEFI is great fluid , responsive and has a high degree of compatibvility and interoprability. Additionally fully supports the .CAP container format for best support and performance for windows 8 vs other baords which only offer the legacy .ROM format.

This and alot more really make it an outstanding budget board. If you have other questions feel free to ask.

Hope this helps!

what the hell are you even talking about

pull your head out of your ass for a minute with the fanboyism, 1-4 are availiable on basically all motherboards, 5 and 7 are false, and .cap support is REQUIRED by all UEFI motherboards

sounds like he copy-pastad from the asus site. and asrock has online bios flashing through the BIOS

Actually the heatsink assembly is not any better. The ASUS board additionally has fully sealed higher performing inductors ( chokes ) vs the Extreme 4 which looks like they are fully sealed but are hollow inductors.

I will upload a pic for reference a little later.





There are number of additional factors the ASUS board has over the extreme 4

1. Superior Fan Controls ( all 4 pin headers with manual control for each header )

2. Superior USB 3 Performance with full UASP support

3. USB Charger + which allows for quick charging of non iOS devices ( smart phones and tablets ) compared to ASRock which is only iOS

4.USB Bios Flash Back - A great option for low level direct UEFI flashing ( no cpu, memory or graphics card required just the PSU connection ) this is great in the possibility the chip corrupts whcih can occur potentially during surges, spikes and brownouts. You can recover the rom even the system does not post.

5. Higher quality components.

Fully sealed inductor ( chokes ), 5K capacitors ( twice the lifespan of ASRock "gold 2K" capacitors ).

6. Superior UEFI with full .CAP support ensuring the best interoprability, compatibility and performance for Windows 8 but Windows 7 users also benefit

7. The PCB is a thicker PCB which has superior rigidity which is need especially if using backplate based cooler which can placed alot of stress on the PCB

There is even more but overall the LE PLUS is a very strong board when you fully consider all points of value. Especially when looking at functionality of the board.

Hopefully have provided some insight that ASUS boards can definately offer great bang for the buck and true value when carefully evaluated. Value does not mean low cost but regardless of the price is justified with there are plenty of 150 to 200 dollar boards that have a low value in many regards if you begin to look at all aspects of usability. Overall hope this has helped.


lol no copy and pasting. Yes you are correct that ASRock does offer integrated UEFI flashing but that does nothing for you if your board fails to post.

On a seperate note "for the emperor" i am building a new 40K tabletop army always good to see a fellow lover of 40K!