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Best Apps for Motorcyclists


Found a great app that works on Android and iOS... it's called ESR. EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle app is "the most advanced and comprehensive app for motorcycle riders"... it's kind of a GPS, Community, Forums, and Safety service all in one. In my opinion the best part of the app is (God forbid) in the event of a crash, CrashLight® automatically detects a motorcycle crash and notifies 3 of your closest contacts with your location. EatSleepRIDE was rated 'top app' by, I use it every time I ride... and I recommend it highly. It is a good thing for us, if you use this app feel free to add me as a riding friend... just search: Matthew

This is the long description that I copied/pasted from the Facebook page :

Download the EatSleepRIDE app for motorcycle riders to record/track your ride and find great motorcycle roads nearby. Go pro with CrashLight for ultimate safety... enjoy the ride!


Does the app send crash reports if you just drop your phone or it comes off your bike? Cause that'd be a bit hard to explain if it fell off send the report and was smashed. Try calling your wife/husband and explaining your not hurt an hour after she gets a message you are 0.o
If not it seems pretty cool I'll check it out


Sorry for the late response, I'm not sure if it will send false reports... I haven't experienced that yet. So I'm just going to assume it won't. I guess you could install the app, give a personal phone/text number as the in case of emergency contact, then shake/bump/hit/drop the phone and see what the sensitivity is. If it is acceptable to you... then add in your true emergency contact numbers. I have not tested it... and I have not had any false reports. I ride daily.

#4 is a good way to find local riders or look for groups on facebook. but beware of the facebook riders. make sure you know how to ride before riding in groups. so many people run into each other when they are newbs on a group ride.


I know this is an old thread, but seems quite handy. Just to confirm, I have no affiliation, etc., just been aware of it for some time now and haven’t really researched its function.


Thank you for your contribution but unfortunately, OP hasnt logged in since September 2016. Thread is locked.