Best Android Emulator?

I want to play a mobile card game, but it is only on mobile phones for now. I don't find playing games on my phone enjoyable, so I just want to emulate Android on my PC.

I tried Bluestacks, but did not like it much. It felt too walled in I guess? Dunno.

Can anyone recommend a good Android emulator for PC?

their is always the original

just pick your vm of choice and install android x86.

or updated android M baised version.

Used Nox a couple of times pretty solid in my experience.
Although it's android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean.
Interesting features like core count and Ram adjustability.

If you're familiar with VMs download Android x86 and run it into a virtual machine. I've gone through Bluestacks (orrible performance), Genymotion (x86 only), Nox (too old version of Android) and Andy (a tad faster than Bluestacks) and I didn't feel satisfacted with any of them (except for Genymotion that works well but without ARM compatibility is kinda useless. There's a .zip that you can flash to make it ARM compatible but it still supports almost no ARM app).
Also with Android x86 there's a settings to enable full compatibility with ARM apps so it's 100% compatible with any app on the Play Store and it's way faster than any other emulator. It's updated to Android 6.0 and it's rooted out of the box. One minor gripe is that if you're going to use apps that do not support landscape the screen will rotate sideways making them impossible to work with. Other than that I think it's the best way to go.

Android x86 Project and guide on how to install it.
P.S. when the installer asks you to install GRUB say "yes" and when on the following steps asks you to install EFI2 GRUB say "no".

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