Best amd cpu for gaming?

stuck choosing a new cpu out of the fx6300 and the fx8350 which would be the best for games like bf3 on ultra or any cpu intensive game ?  or are there any better amd cpus out there ? 

current specs are;

cpu: amd athlon II x4 640

mb: sabertooth 990fx r2.0

memory: corsair vengeance 2x 4gb 1600mhz

gfx: gigabyte hd 7870 


thanks in advance :)



The FX-8350 is the best because if features both the highest core count and highest clock speed, however, with an OC the FX-6300 can be just as good until games start utilizing more than 6 cores, which hasn't happened AFAIK. Since all the second gen FX series use the same architecture, the only things separating them are clock speed and core count, and since games are just starting to utilize 4 core effectively, and the lowest end FX is a quad-core, the only thing separating the Vishera CPU's in terms of gaming performance is clock speed. Since all FX CPU's are unlocked, clock speed isn't that relevant if you're willing OC.

Battlefield 3 doesnt seem to care much at all about the cpu. As for other games that are more cpu intensive thats pending logans benchmarks of the fx-8350 vs the i5-3570k. But if you are sticking with the amd chips then of course get the 8350 in all the benchmarks i saw even the ones that conflict with logans findings the 8350 is the best amd chip for gaming AFAIK.