Best AMD AM3 or AM3+ cpu for under 150 bucks for gaming

i been looking around on newegg for a new cpu but im really confused with all the new fx stuff so i was hoping i could get some help.title says all



I've used the amd fx-6100 zambezi and it was pretty impressive for the price.


the new vishera/piledriver update of the 6100

does it matter that its only 95 watts

ONLY 95w? that's the power consumtion.... the higher the wattage, the higher the heat generation as well...

but, for the price, it's not bad.... to compare, the 8350 uses 125w at stock, so it get really hot, and with a tjmax of 70c, there's not much room for overclocking....

the biggest problem is the slow cache, it has more than enough chace, but it's just really slow....

I've always thought that that was the Max temperature of the casing? or something like that. I think its perfectly safe at 70c

i have the AMD FX-6300. It's 129 bucks, but its an amazing processor. I has been able to play all of my games with no issues