Best AMD AM3+ Micro ATX?

Hey guys next year i wil be making my new first computer build and im looking for a compact powerfull system therefore im looking for a microATX motherboard under 100 euros that will last me at least 2 years without upgrading to a knew one.


Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3

There are no good AM3+ micro mobos the 'Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3' is ok if you are puting a low power chip on to it but lacks uefi bios/high ram clocks (suported 1333mhz +oc) it has a 4+1 power phase (at least it is heatsinked) no sata iii 6gb/s but it is realy cheap.

Maybe give us a budget for your total rig and what cpu you are thinking of useing?

The total budget is about 1050 euros but i would like a compact case with good airflow i was thinking in the new N series from Coolermaster. in this case the N200 but since you guys say there is no good mobos for AM3+ processors i guess i have to go with intel ... but for this budget i really would like to go with AMD ....


if you realy want a powerfull micro atx system, then its better to switch to intel.

if i may give you a good advice, just open an topic in the " build section" of the forum.  describe what you want M-atx build, your budget, land where you live. then you will see some nice builds, offcourse i will look for a decent build for you 2.

Just open a topic over there. offcourse i will also help you, because for €1000 a decent intel m-atx build should be possible.

Grtz Angel ☺