Best AMD A10 APU $350-400 Build?

Need some ideas for builds centered around the AMD A10 APU. Try to keep it between $350-400. Keep in my mind that I do not want a dedicated graphics card with this build. The Radeon integrated graphics are pretty decent

Could be better, I just like the idea of smaller form APU builds. Plus I killed your budget. I still vote this thing though haha.




There's alot you can choose yourself that's why I didn't choose chasis or optical drive for you, you can also choose your own CPU cooler, I just think that one is great :)

Scorpios are laptop hard drives.


Oops. Didn't see A10. New link -


He doesn't want a dedicated gpu.

Is there a reason taht you wouldn't want one? I mean it's only gonna help unless s/he has something to fill all 4 PCI slots. I don't se why not go with one when it's still in his/her price range. 

I would have been nice if it was specified what the build was going to be used for. Gaming? Editing? HTPC?

Well, here's a nice build.

Oh damn, that's embarressing I honestly didn't see what HDD I chose I just saw Western Digital and just thought well I dont know how much capacity he wants so i'll just choose w/e

You don't have to be embarressed. You can use laptop hardrives in a PC. They are basically an SSD sized mechanical hardrive so all you have to do is mount it like an SSD.


Thanks Guys these builds are all pretty good. Also sorry that I forgot to specify that this will be a gaming rig/light video editing rig.