Best AM3+ CPU Cooler/Heatsink?

So recently I have my new PC already build, I was going to put the Kraken x60 as my CPU Cooler, but the thing was honestly hard to put it on and such, so I used my Heatsink that came with my FX-8350 CPU, and now I'm trying to look for a new Heatsink, lately I saw that these two


Are the best Heatsinks for my AM3+ CPU, but I want to know which of these two are the best, also I'm not trying to overclock or such.

And if there are better AM3+ CPU heatsinks, may you please also post those and tell me why it's better than either of the two I posted up, but still.

I'm trying to at least lower my temprature for my CPU and I want a good CPU Cooler to do that.


It doesn't look that difficult:

But if you're just running stock clocks, you don't need anything fancy like the Kraken or the Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro. Heck, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 is more than enough cooler. However, I'd save a few bucks and go with the 212+ over the Evo.

Newegg does have the 212+ for a little more, but has a $10 MIR

I don't know about the 212+ I mean it doesnt say that it supports FX yeah

I mean I do have a AM3+ Motherboard and CPU but that makes me cautious on knowing if it will still work for my FX-8350 

if its for AM3+ or any of the previous AMD desktop sockets since 2006 and has 35+ CFM it supports FX

The heatsink isn't really a "compatable" part. If it fits the socket, then it works together. The 212+ is short-hand for the Hyper 212+ CPU cooler. It is pretty weak in terms of performance with overclocks above 4.2/4.3gHz. If you want performance, get a Phanteks PH-TC14PE. I have one, and love it. 4.8gHz and idling at 29 degrees C on a 3770k; that is performance.

Well, aside from it actually stating supporting AM3+, and the only CPU available for the AM3+ socket is the FX, the specs at Cooler Master's website states the Hyper212+ is rated for a maximum TDP of 180w, and needless to say, the FX is a lot less, coming in at 125w. As I've said, the Hyper 212+ is more than enough for stock clocks. You can even get a moderate OC out of them, but nothing too extreme.

Right, if you happen to have the Kraken X60, I highly suggest you reread the manual that came with it, because it is really far simpler to install than you seem to think it is. Do not think that you can install AIO liquid cooling without reading the included instructions, that is stupid. Alternately, if you must go air-cooled (which isn't much easier to install) may I recommend going with the NZXT Havik 140. Assuming you have the case to support it, that thing is really good at keeping things frosty. And due to the fact that it is using NZXT's newest fan design in the 140mm flavor, it happens also to be relatively quiet.