Best Alternative to skype

Im unsure if this is the proper place for this but here it goes. Now I know Logan discused this in a Tek or Inbox but Im to lazy to find it so im gonna ask you guys. What is the best alternitive to skype? "Best" in the sense of being the safest,most private, Goverment not lisening in on your calls, ect. This might be personal preference but any answer goes. :)



I generaly dont use IM/skype but if i have to i use AIM 

Jitsi and Mumble atm. WebRTC is coming and will make it possible to have a distributed and secure VoIP/video chat client in the browser.

I´m still using windows live messenger (msn) i patched it, and still works ☺

I like Google+ hangouts but when I have to talk about something that I don't want anyone to hear I use mumble.

I have not used jitsi yet but it is supposed to be good.

If you want to just do a text chat and want to have it be encrypted end to end and routed through tor use this

yeah jitsu would probably great, i never use voice chat by the way. ☺

What was the video? Where Logan was talking about how Skype's Microsoft servers logged and watched and he had recommended Jitsi as a better alternative?

Best alternative to Skype in terms of Security, Privacy etc. is RHUB web conferencing appliances. I use it for conducting business meetings.

Man I just watched that... I wanna say Samsung vs Apple... Again?

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