Best all in one liquid cpu cooler

Hey guys, im in the market to cool my 4790k, im looking to overclock it, not extremely but i want the best, the debating between consair h105i, coolmaster one or the kracken x61,   whats your thoughts thanks

corsair 110 or kraken x61 for 280mm

Noctua NH-D14/D15, Phanteks PH-TC14PE, CryoRig Ultimate R1.

These are all air coolers. And all will equal an AIO water cooler with less hassle and noise and be more reliable.

I have a Kraken X60 (basically the same as the X61) and it does a very good job. Keeps my 8350 cool even at 5.1Ghz. 

However, it should be noted that it is a 280mm liquid cooler. Anything less than that aren't worth it IMO. A good Noctua air cooler can do the job for less money and will be quieter. The only reason to go with a sub 280mm closed loop cooler is if you can't physically fit the height of a large tower heatsink or if the case has restricted air flow or some other incompatibility with size or placement. 


I just dont like the look of the air coolers, oh can i ask why everyone on this site is in love the noctua

Because they a can equal liquid cool for cheaper, easier to install, are silent and I mean that and do you sit all day staring into your PC at the cooler?

Personally I have the NH-D14 and yes it is big and it is not the prettiest thing ever but it kicks ass, in a very serious way. It is also bulletproof in terms of reliability, no pump to fail or liquids to leak. And for my money, AIO liquid coolers are ugly, with their odd CPU block pump thing usually with LEDs, and overly long black pipes just hanging around.

The Cooler Master 280L is currently the best 280mm AIO, the 280L, Nzxt 60/61, and Corsair H110 are really close in performance. There are just so many 240mm AIOs! Finding the best would take too long and would depend on what you were going for. The H105 is really good the h100i is decent; if you don't have lots of room the 140mm coolers work well too. Personally I like AIOs better then air coolers if you upgrade the fans they are next to silent and give excellent performance second only to custom built water-cooling systems. The NH-D15 and a few other air coolers are on the level with most of the smaller AIOs (240mm and under) and technically could be considered more reliable. (most AIOs come with warranties ranging from 3-7 years) The air coolers are also a bit cheaper; so consider that you would never have to deal with pump noise, and you would save 30-50$. Water-cooling is cool but if you are not planning on heavy overclocking there really is no point.

I have the H100I as well and even with a 6350 banging on at 4.80 ghz it rarely even breaks 30C and the included sp120's it comes with are pretty quiet as well. I'd personally like to see a faceoff between all best rated aio coolers under identical circumstances. 

tek did a review on the cooler master units.

I will say, If you end up with a cheaper Coolermaster AIO, the base is horribly machined. Very poorly lapped, need some TLC. 

Not sure if the better ones are similar or other brands.

Cooler master nepton 280L looks very promissing, i´m very impressed with Logans review about it.

Logan said that it did better then the Krakan. I personaly dont like the corsair units at all. Because i have readed to much pump failure story´s about them lol.

Things to look for :

The pump HAS to be cpu fan ( 3/4 pin ) powered , NOT 12V like the H100i , it's REALLY noisy .

Except for that , bigger rad = more dissipation , less noise .

I currently have the H55 ( metamorph rig ) and it's ok in terms of silence , easy to install , and ok for cooling ( undervolted 1231V3 ) , with a noctua cooler .

It's the cheapest , and add a noctua fan and it's still cheap and quite good .

In terms of double rad , the X61 is amazing , or you can get a cheap double rad and a pair of nf-f12's .

If you are from Europe, without any fanboy-ing, I would choose Corsair over NZXT.
Corsair has RMA in the UK (recently) and also in the Netherlands.

I had a bad experience with NZXT's support. After a month of A LOT back-and-forth, including pictures, videos, and UEFI screenshots, the only thing they could come up with is for me to send the faulty X61 (too much air, pump noise) to the US, on my pocket of course.
What is a 6 year warranty worth (in Europe) when you cannot get any reasonable support since the company sits in the US and you pay the shipping....