Best All Around Monitor for $200

I am looking for a 21.5" / 22" LED monitor, but I still haven't decided whether I'll get TN or IPS panel. I am gonna be using it mainly for gaming, I play mostly FPS games like BF3, COD, and sometimes I play Dota 2. Other than gaming, I also use Photoshop a lot and watch movies, so I think it's gonna be like 60% gaming, 40% Photoshop/Movies. My max budget is $200.

I found some candidates, but I am still open for suggestions from you guys.

  • For the TN panel :Samsung S22B350B -OR- Asus VS228N.
  • For the IPS panel: Asus VS229H-P -OR- LG IPS22EA63V-P


Please feel free to give a suggestion about which monitor I should get, whether it's one of those candidates or perhaps you have your own recommendation.

LG 23EA63V-P Black 23" is a great looking IPS panel ($167 Newegg) . I would chose IPS over TN because of the the better viewing angles. the 5ms response is decent for gaming, and the thin bezel around the panel makes it great if you ever want a dual or triple monitor display. 

I vote for the Acer H236HLbid. It is $180, is an IPS panel, 23", very stylish, with low latency and low imput lag, it's great for gaming, this is not a slow panel, and has awesome colors. It also features one of the thinnest vessels I've ever seen.

just check it out:

Some people said that the thin bezel was just a complete lie, instead of 1.2 mm bezel, it has 11 mm bezel. Is this true?