Best A88X Motherboard

So recently my MSI A78-M Short- Circuited and wouldn't post. So, I got I refund from amazon. And now I want to know what is best A88X **MICRO ATX** motherboard




Crossfire Support

4 Ram slots 


Asrock fm2a88x Extreme6+...

It has 4 ram slots, up to 3 way CrossFire support, HDMI In, realtek 1150 sound chip with op amp, it has debug LED screen, it has backup BIOS, it has 8+2 Digi+ power phase design, it have feature, that downloads and installs the drivers from the asrock website...

If you can't fit full atx board and really need micro atx, then they are all pretty much the same. There is no micro board, that is significantly better, than the others.

Yeah, i need micro atx, and was looking at the MSI A88XM Gaming and the Asus A88XM-Plus