Best 990FX MOBO for FX-8350?

Pretty much this. Also, 990FX motherboards' biggest advantage is having multiple x16 PCIe for SLI and Crossfire. Yes, they also allow you to get up to overclocks beyond 4.5 ghz without much issue, but, honestly, after 4.4ghz there is a huge rate of diminishing returns in terms of performance - especially so when you factor in the amount of power required.

Take a look at Jayztwocents recent AMD build video.

I agree with that. Most people set a unrealistic goals in terms of overclocking. It is one thing if your constantly purchasing new cpus and mobo to extreme overclock. It is another thing entirely to approach from the average guy/gal balancing longevity against performance. Overclocking to the point of diminishing returns is by far a more realistic approach. Most Amd cpu's have been pretty good about .5 overclock give or take on the silicon lottery. Usually gives a nice performance boost without greatly shortening the lifespan of cpu/mobo. So the medium range mobo's usually match up well with this approach.

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Some added links before I head off to work:

Tom's Hardware's review of the FX-8370E, doing an indepth study on power consumption versus performance:,3929-7.html

Of important note is this graphic.

@ Calculatron My plan is to over clock because I like to tinker with my stuff just the nature of the beast. I'm not chasing numbers to the point of sacrificing reliability but it is something that interest me. As for the GPU I was thinking something along the lines of an R9 390 or R9 290 and later on when if necessary adding a second card. I am one of those who believes that the AMD GPU's will improve with DirectX12

As I commented in my PC build towards the end I am not a fanboy either way blue or red. I am I believe in a somewhat strange situation getting into this right at this time or maybe not depending whether you see the glass half full or half empty.

To game at 1080p- 1440p and multi task and stream I think the AMD route makes sense. Here's why I think so. I know going in right now that I will be getting old hardware going in and honesty it's the case either way blue or red. Sky lake will run on a new socket as will AMD with their new hardware. So that being said is it not better to save money going AMD to game until the new stuff plays itself out in 2016 and beyond? How much more is the additional expense going Intel worth it for what you get at the end of the day sitting at a desk at home? And going the x99 route involves even higher cost now because RAM and MOBO will cost more. I scored a good deal on the FX 8350 on eBay was IMHO anyways. This frees up cash to spend more on a GTX 980 or R9 290x/390 and then later when I go upgrade cpu and MOBO the GPU should still be relevant and I can add a second for Crossfire or SLI and still compete with whatever is the high end at the time. ie: 2x GTX 970 SLI right now vs Titan or fury X.

I asked for advice and am enjoying the conversations especially in this thread but some people seem too keen on just saying go intel its better without looking at the big picture as I am. I am not looking for brand x vs brand y was just asking for help with the build and specific components. Help me make the most the the build but if you feel going Intel right now would be better that's ok but explain to me why because at the moment I just don't see it. Doesn't mean I won't do it later on next year either. But it has been a pleasure discussing all of this on here one of the more pleasant forums I have been on especially discussing differences of opinion.

I will use a firearms related analogy as shooting was my big hobby before my illness. I have owned fancy Wilson 1911's before and I shot no faster with them than with my Glocks. It was hard to justify such a higher expense on the platform for limited capacity and marginal perform increase. But that didn't mean I did not enjoy the nostalgia of the 1911 and the quality of the Wilson guns and their superb CS but for the price of one Wilson equipped to go shoot I could have two Glocks and take my wife on a cruise. At the end of the day "for me" the bragging rights was not justifiable for such an added expense. I still put holes in paper pretty much the same in the cheaper simpler platform. And it had nothing to do with cost and maintenance etc.

Those versed in firearms will be able to relate to this analogy and then maybe see where I am coming from on the AMD vs Intel debate.

Keep the info coming guys awesome discussion.


The Gen 3 sabertooth was a limited run of the board that support pcie generation 3.0. To support pcie gen 3 Asus had to do a lot of trickery in the chipset. The boards are some of the hardest to get 990fx boards ever. The run was very limited but also amazing in almost every regard...

Good info thanks.

Are they called Gen 3? or is it the 3.0 etc?

Honestly 3.0 vs 2.0 PCI express doesn't matter. PCI express 3.0 is twice as fast as 2.0. This means 8x 3.0 is the same as 16x 2.0. Today's video cards still cannot saturate the 2.0 interface. So this really doesn't matter unless you are going to Quad SLI and even then it comes down to PCI express lanes and not just express speeds. lMaybe in 5 to ten years we will see a need for 3.0 but right now your putting the cart before the horse. =)

This ^^^^^ I've seen this as a trend where some folks not full-on fanboys or AMD haters but truly believe that Intel is the best and only option to consider, I've always used a mix of both brands and to be honest in real world usage I'd have to pull the heat sink off to see which machine I was using. It really comes down to what you use the machine for, while most of us play games...gaming isn't our #1 usage for a PC, just as a lot of us don't really want or can afford 4k gaming.

I do think the advice is given with the best of intentions but no one actually knows what you'll be doing with the PC so they have to make recommendations based on what they might do, generically that's fine but doesn't always fit the right answer to the right question.

Your firearms analogy is spot on...and it is quite similar at the end of the day they will both do the job although I don't think I'd put a Wilson Combat 1911 in the same league as Glock, I'm just not a big fan of Glocks I know they are fine reliable firearms but just not what I'd want...kinda' like some folks feel about AMD. :)

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@blanger Thanks. I linked previously in the thread to my PC build thread which explains what I am looking to do with the computer and the parts I was considering etc. Basically I want a good solid machine capable of multitasking that I can grow with to stream and play games etc. I do some picture editing but nothing major and iI have been away from PC for so long can say 100% at this point everything I would be doing with it as I'm very open to all things PC to come back and have fun and enjoy it al the while learning new things. Home A LOT more now than I use to be so trying to find new ways to keep myself busy and from going insane.

And I agree the Glock is not in the same league as a Wilson but the analogy using those two brands drives home the point of end result being the same in the hands of a competent individual.

I know the pcie bandwidth breakdown, its not that hard. Every pice generation one lane is double that of a generation before etc;. But there is a difference for something. Storage drives based of pcie 3.0 can have much faster read and writes then that of a pcie 2.0 based drive. The samsung sm951, is bottlenecked to less then half speed if ran on a pcie 2.0 bus. More drives are coming out like this every day. Pcie add in cards like the intel 750 series and just general raid cards can be bottlenecked by pcie 2.0 bandwidth. The older samsung xp941 which was designed for pcie 2.0, but runs faster on pcie 3.0 connections than on the pcie 2.0 bandwidth it was designed for. For somethings out side of graphics cards, there is a huge difference. Running my own sm951 on a pcie 2.0 bus more then halves the speed it runs at.

i gave a list of decent 990FX chipset boards above, if you have any questions about certain boards just ask.

Ok thanks

I retract my statement about the 3.0 lanes and 2.0 lanes. I am still using Spindle drives and the Only SSD I own came with my macbook pro. I haven't had the need to research this aspect of the conversation. I have been taken to school and thank you for that bit of information. I will do some more research on this.

Thank you.

IĀ“m personaly not going to botter with intel vs amd debate threads, the only thing i will leave here, is that i use a FX8350 for 3 years allready, and i definitely know its strong and weak points.

I used an analogy that is relevant to me, because my other hobby before becoming ill was firearms. Not me trying to start a brand debate was just looking for input on my point of view if the extra cost of Intel was worth it over AMD at this point if you're coming in new with no existing Hardware when it's been said there will be new lines coming from both.

I love my Crosshair V Formula Z, if you want to tinker with all the settings this may be worth your while. That said I got mine used for 150$ and would have a hard time justifying the full price.

i gave a decent recommendations about certain AM3+ motherboards.

That's where I sit with that board as well. I am having a hard time justifying the price new and I would not buy a MOBO second hand unless the source was personally known or it was a refurb that came with a warranty.

Waiting to see what the deal for today is with new egg on this MOBO.........

Works for me