Best 7870

Which is the best 7870 brand?

Around here, we generally recommend MSI. Asus is also a very good brand. If you go 7870, make sure to get the XT version. I would like to recommend, however, that you up you spend the extra money and grab the MSI 7950 for $300. It is the best price to performance card on the market.


The MSI 7870 is not worth it; they are charging way too much for it. For only $40 more, or so, you can get the MSI 7950, which is much better.

I would definitely go for the 7870XT if you can; Sapphire, Powercolor, and Club 3D all have them for between $200 and $240ish.

MSI usually gets it right lol.

It's still a great card, just sold for a bit too much.