Best 770 to buy?

I've decided i am going to buy a GTX 770, But what brand should i buy? And what card version? Theres numerous i like the look of the MSI twin Frozr, Gigabyte Windforce to name a few. I also dont really mind paying the little extra for the 4gb card, but i dnno if i will utilise it, but i plan on having the card for a couple of years so i might eventually, I am only gaming on one montitor though 1080p but i am thinking of the future.

I have the evga GTX 770 superclocked w/acx cooler(2gb GDDR5) and so far I am loving it.

Anyone else have any other recommendations?

The Asus one is really good and comes with a backplate, but I would just get a 760 because it is priced really good.  Can't go wrong with MSI either.