Best 760's and Partitioning?

Here are my two questions:

Which are the best GTX 760 4GB Cards for running in 2way (and soon to be 3way) SLI?  EVGA with Reference?  EVGA ACX?  MSI?


Is it better/faster/more stable to partition one SSD, or is it better/faster/more stable to get multiple SSDs?  I plan on making a new PC build  (The 760s are just for price reference)  and I picked 2 Samsungs which total to 756GB (Which is cheaper than the Crucial), but, I could buy 1 Crucial and get 960GB of space, splitting it into 200GB (For Windows) and 720GB (For Steam and other games), with the 2TB drive partitioned to 500GB and 1.5TB (For Videos).  (I am only asking about partitioning the SSDs, I truly dont care with the 2TB drive lol)



I have no idea about partitioning SSD's however for the card I would going EVGA reference card if you are looking at 3 way sli you will want them in a loop, otherwise the heat they will be pumping out will just be silly. I would think 2 SSD's would be the better way to go (based purely upon my logic rather than any hard evidence I have).

However seeing you're going 1150 for this build I wouldn't bother with 3 way sli you will be hitting pci lane bandwidth limits.

Would a 3820 give around the same (if not better) performance OC'd than a 4770k?

It won't give you better performance, but it'll be close.  You won't be able to tell the difference in real world applications. However, the 3820 will put you on the socket 2011 platform, which means you get quad channel memory support and more PCIe lanes than you can shake a stick at.

What about a i7 3930k?  I had made that build a few mins ago.  I am going for video editing/rendering, some After effects, and intense gaming.  Would that perform good?  Or would a 3820 get around the same performance as the 3930k?  And, disregarding whether 3820vs3930k, would I need a change in motherboard?  Would 64Gb of ram actually make a difference?

The 3930K will outperform the 3820, mainly in multi threaded tasks.  Here's a benchmark comparing the two...

It won't particularly matter in games.  Both CPUs are overkill for gaming.  Video editing, rendering, and After Effects is where the 3930K will shine.  I'll try to trim your build to help cut down the price.  Try this...

64GB of RAM can make a difference, but it depends on the applications you'll be using.  32GB will be plenty for now. You can always add more later if you need it.

The 3820 and the 3930k are both based on socket 2011.  I switched out the motherboard for a full ATX board. Was there any reason why you were going to put a mATX motherboard in a full tower case?  I think a regular ATX motherboard would be a better pick.  This is up to you though.

I switched out the PSU to help save you some money.  1300w is overkill.  I think 1050w would be a better choice. You'll easily be able to add another GTX 780 in there later.

Sorry it took so long for me to reply.  If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.