Best $600 gaming computer

I live in Canada, my budget is $600, I will mostly be playing minecraft with like 5 tabs open at once, 2 monitors in the future. I already have the GPU, CPU cooler, PSU, and o.s (Ubuntu and maybe dual boot with windows 8 in dah future).

The build I think will be good: Amd 8320

A cheap set of ram

Corsair 500r

Asus m5a99x evo 2.0

1tb Seagate hybrid drivedrive


I heard faster ram will make my game run smoother andless lag. Is that true? Also, will an ssd give me moreframes? 

I also want to keep the 500r unless someonemakes a build with a cheaper, nicer, and smaller case.  

If I'm missing out on any info, please tell me. I sorta rushed this. 

*** can anyone make a better build or give opinions on my build please? Thank you ***

those parts look fine.  A ssd will not give you more frames it affects load times generally.  As long as you have 8gb of ddr3 1333 in dual channel higher frequency has a minimal affect.  (Dual channel is when you have 2 of the same sticks of ram in the color coded spots on the motherboard.)

No he's using an APU and not a dedicated GPU so higher memory frequency WILL improve gaming performance. 

ragingh4vok has a decent build.  I'm just wondering the following:

What's your GPU and PSU?

I have an evga 650 and 600 watt PSU.