Best $590 PC Possible (Only Tower)

My friend has $590 that he is dishing out on a PC, and I have come up with builds on PCPartPicker but he thinks that Austin Evans $600 build is better than mine, so I am reaching out to the forum for a build that is at a maximum of $590. Gaming only. he is saving for a more expensive one later this year but has to settle for this for now. No peripherals, and no monitors.

//edit added another fan for better airflow.

If he plans on upgrading the system in the future, you might wanna get a higher wattage power supply


non-modular: Tho the price is so close i would get a 280 instead. Truely is a rocket strapped to a tricycle. lol


maximum of $590

Dont know about you but i think the extra 50 bucks would be worth it. Ha Cheapest of the cheap and still get the job done. Grab a 4 pack of cougars later because your gonna want to.