Best $350 Case?

Which case would you rather buy? 900D or the Cosmos 2? Or any other $350 case? I'm thinking of getting the 900D when it comes out.

I went with the 900D. I needed extra space for the cooling my multiple card setup. Just waiting for it to ship.

Silverstone Tj07, Caselabs Merlin SM5, Enermax Fulmo GT, Lian LI A75X, theres actually quite a few good cases in the 250-350$ range, the 900D looks nice but there are some other cases out there thatd id say will better it in most areas.

You're right but, I want a big case and for some reason I love that plate that the 800D, 900D and Silverstone Tj07 have. I'd get the Tj07 if it was bigger

The Tj07 and SM5 are absolutley huge, i dont know if you've seen them in person or not but theyre a lot bigger than they look in showcase pictures.

Corsair 900D, Case Labs M8, Silverstone TJ07, and a used Silverstone TJ11. Case Labs are the very best cases out there, and are just rediculously high quality. You could probably find a used Case Labs that is larger, for about $350, but the M8 and M10 are my favorite cases he makes, by far.