Best $30 over-ear headphones?

So today in class, someone stepped on my headphones and they broke! I guess I can't be too upset though, because it was my fault they were on the floor in the first place. Plus, they were just the crappy Apple headphones anyway!

My question is; does anyone have any recommendations for some good over-ear headphones for about $30? I know a lot of people are probably just going to suggest I save my money and get a nicer pair, but this is really all I have to work with and I need them soon because I use them for school. I know it's possible to get a somewhat decent pair for around this price, I'm just pretty new to headphones and don't really know where to start looking, or what to look for.

As most people do, I enjoy bass, so something with decent bass would be nice. Now, I don't think my expectations are too terribly high because I've honestly never listened to a really high quality pair of headphones! I'm just looking for something functional for everyday use that sounds decent. I would prefer if they weren't too terribly large and could be folded for easy transportation as I plan to replace earbuds with these, but size and portability isn't as important as nice sound! 

Thanks for any help!

Those are really sweet for the money, but probably not portable enough for your needs (semi open and not foldable)

Those probably fit your needs the best, foldable, detachable cable, good bass and generally very good price/quality ratio

Nice headphones worth the extra cash. You said you enjoy bass these deliver nice bass , but the sound will leak thats the only major con.

Rolling Potatoe recommended the Superlux HD681 headphones, but for $7 more I recommend these:, here's why: h ttps://www .youtu atch?v=h0 UOju9Ruxw

I have 2 pairs of HD668B Headphones from superlux and I absolutely love them!

As Logan says, the bass is really nice on the 668s and the treble isn't crushing like it is on the 681s

EDIT: The imbedded video wouldn't work so I inserted a few spaces into the youtube link. I'm sure you can figure out how to use the link.