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Best 27" 1440p monitor for ~$200 (bonus for Amazon link)

Hey all.

I believe the parental units want to buy a new monitor for my pc for xmas. Normally I would spend about 3 weeks deep diving and watching/reading dozens of in-depth tech reviews etc to narrow in on the best price/performance/future-proofing. I don’t have that kind of time so I’m going to outso… crowdsource!

I’m looking for a monitor 27" @1440p. I plan on using it for mainly gaming with some light use in video-editing. My current pc is a Ryzen 1700x 16g RAM Nvidia 960gtx GPU (I know, its my current bottleneck… Team BrokeGaming). As you can see I’m not going to be pumping huge framerates through this so all things equal, I’d rather spend a few dollars on image quality vs extreme display rates. My budget is in the $200 range (give or take ~50 bucks). Because this will ultimately be passed onto a non-tech relative, bonus points for Amazon or Newegg links. I’ve kind of kept my eye on the korean 27" scene for the past few years, but that market is constantly changing.

Help me L1T, you’re my only hope!

As somebody who owns one, I will throw this monstrosity in the hat for consideration…

1440p IPS 75Hz.
Yes, it’s 32", but the pixel density is pretty much the same as 24" 1080p.

Also it’s freesync and iirc Nvidia killed Gsync and now all Nvidia cards are compatible with freesync as well. Not sure if that works with the old gen cards, but I see no reason why not.

Anyways, the image quality is pretty good, the uniformity is pretty good (no brighter or darker spots on it)… If I have 2 complaints about it it’s those:
The stand is not great
There is no vesa mount…

Do you find any issues with sitting the usual 2ft or so from the screen and having to “look around” on a screen that size? I’m currently using a 20in 1080, previously used a 21" 16:10. I keep looking at my 32" tv and picturing it on my desk. Otherwise those specs are pretty close to my grocery list for a new monitor

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I sit slightly further back because I have 2 monitors. But if it is solo monitor 2 feet may be absolutely perfect. The screen covers pretty much your entire field of view.
Yes, it will be quite a shock (in a good way) going from 20" to 32", but you will get used to it easily. That is a non issue.

That’s a really impressive monitor!

I can also throw my own AOC CQ32G1 in. It has VA instead of IPS, but 144hz instead of 75. It also has a faster respons time I think, vesa support and good brightness and contrast.