Best 240mm cpu water cooler?

My case is the Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced btw. I've read that I need to install this on the outside and through the back of my case which has holes for the pipes to go through. But I don't know which water cooler could do that.



Like that for example (top right). Or am I just dumb to realize that I could install it inside. But eitherway, I need help on how I could install it and which is the best for me to buy. Note, I'm buying what's best for the money. So, I don't care about fancy lights or fancy this that. I just want a very efficient and reliable CPU cooler that'll help with cooling and overclocking. I don't wanna pay extra cash for one PREMIUM cooler which has the same performance as a mainstream one that I could get for $100 less.

There aren't any AIOs that can be disassembled to be mounted on the outside of the case. If you want an external radiator you will need a custom loop. Or mount a 120mm AIO on the rear fan mount.

The H220 is banned in the US though

didnt someone else make another one that can be expanded.. deepcool? i forget. no time to search atm



Well, if so, I could buy separate components right. The 240mm radiator, 2 120mm fans, the pipe, and the pump. But the problem is, I'm not sure about the pump and radiators. I don't even have knowledge of installing a custom loop. What I'm afraid of is leakage.

Fractal Design make Kelvin AIO, thatcan be ddisassembled. However, you can get something like Zalman LQ315/320 and have 240mm performance in 120mm rad. Being 120mm 38mm rad you can just mount it at the rear...