Best 23" $200 monitor

I'm looking for a 23-24" IPS monitor for under $200 USD. The cheaper the better....


I'm looking at the following monitors, and not really sure, which to go with...

Asus VS239H-P ($160)

Asus PB238Q ($210)

Dell P2414H ($200)


Presumably the VS239H-P is the worst of the three, but is there a noticeable difference... 

The ASUS PB238Q and the Dell come with an adjustable height stand. The first Asus is fixed height/orientation but can tilt forward/backward, which isn't good if you want to adjust height. The small stand size also means it will sit much lower on a desk than you might prefer.

The minus on the first Asus is the fixed stand height/orientation. The pluses are faster refresh rate (5ms) and lower price. The other two have slower refresh rates and cost more (you're paying for the adjustable stand, basically). The only thing I don't really like about the first Asus is the horizontal orientation of the inputs. The are going to stick out from the back, putting more stress on the connectors and internal board mounts. While it's not a huge issue, it can lead to poor/loose connection down the road.

On the other hand, if you want to save some money you can always pick up the first Asus and then thrown in a decent VESA mount and still come in less than the other two, for maximum flexibility. Just make sure if you're going to VESA mount the monitor that you find a stud to sink the bolts into. Using the included drywall anchors will most certainly result in your monitor falling off the wall.

Here's one that I've purchased and used:

Wall mounting your monitor will give you the height you want and the extra desk space you might need!

Anyway, good luck!


PS, if you're really determined to spend less than $200 and viewing angle doesn't matter as much, you can get a TN panel with a much faster refresh rate and a true 24" screen size.

I saw and actually used the VX238 and didn't really like it. Although, I didn't really have an issue with the height of, if thats the only difference then I'd consider the VS238H-P. 

So, assuming they all had the same mount is the display quality identical? And which would you go with? Is the response time a noticeable difference? 


P.s. something to keep in mind, the VS238H-P has a $8 shipping the difference is a bit less. 


EDIT: I think I'll go for the Dell P2414H. 

I have the Dell you listed, and while it has an outstanding stand, the back light bleed is terrible.  Because of this I can not recommend it.

Supposedly backlight bleed is hit or miss on it though...