Best 200$ gpu/mobo am3+ setup

Lack the funds to wait any longer and gotta get it done, what would you guys do?

I'm thinking like MSI 970A-G46 + ASUS 7770GHz ed.


What else could/should I do? I could spend a little more, but only if there was some real value part to grab.

Probably will upgrade the gpu around December if I find it necessary. 

I want an Asus/MSI 760 paired with a Gigabyte 990x UD3. But I can't afford em and I think I've gotta face it lol.


-Pairing with;

AMD FX6300

Ripjaws X 2x4Gb 1600MHz Cas 9

NZXT Source 210 Elite

NZXT Respire T40


Seagate Barracuda 1Tb

What I would do in your situation is just wait until you have more money to spend on the hardware you want. What I'm gonna do is save my money until December 26th and hope my local computer store has some great sales (because I live in Canada and we have boxing day, which is like a clearance sort of thing to get rid of older hardware. Can't really explain it well). But if you really can't wait any longer, just get what you can now. 

I can't. I have no computer and I'm going back to public school this year.

Well I guess you dont have manyy ptions.  Maybe you could get someone to give you a loan or something like that? Or have a garage sale to make some quick cash? I'm sorta out of ideas, so I'm just saying things I would do for a last resort. 

I'm mainly wondering what parts to look out for. I've already got my money situation sorted out.

I'm gonna get this;

Quite a leap over budget yolo

lol that's a great reason to go over budget xD . And I'm pretty sure you can save some money by getting a non ti version, and overclock it yourself, and it will preform the same. But I might be wrong about that. 

"pretty sure you can save some money by getting a non ti version" defantly not! dont confuse the GTX650TI BOOST with the outher 650's becase its not the same

Wiops, my bad. I meant the regular 650 ti, not the ti boost. I only saw the "650 ti" part, not "to boost"

fdcv boing