Best $200-$350 Headphone For Music?

     Prologue: I've had a few headphones in the past that I liked, one notably being the Audio Technica ATH-M50's and while those were great for monitoring audio on a budget. I want something a little higher end for music listening. I'll likely be using these headphones will mobile devices and tablets, and also will be buying a FiiO E6 with them.

Body: I want some headphones with little noise coloration, that are also great for listening to music. (Mostly deep dubstep, metal, etc.) 


Also, comfort is a big plus for me. I need some ear pillows. Heh. 

Any suggestions? Also, ask any questions needed. 




Nah, get the Beyer Dynamic DT880 and spend the money on a better dac and amp. FiiO is just awful IMO. 

The Soundmagic HP100 seems to fit the bill pretty well. They have very little coloration, and slightly elevated, impactful bass (when called for). As for the amp, Fiio is a good brand, with good value, but the E6 wouldn't likely do you much good. Something like a Fiio E12 (if you only need the amp), the E18 (if you use mainly Android devices), or the E17 (if you need the dac section as well) would be a good choice. Cheaper amp options include the Fiio E11 and the cmoyBB. Check out the amp reviews below if you are interested. ClieOS's reviews are pretty well trusted, though his review of the HP100 was on a pre-production sample and doesn't seem to reflect the sound signature that everyone else (including myself) hear from them.



Reviews of the HP100 (they don't really need to be amped, but a good portable amp is something worth having imo).


There are other options in this price range though, such as the 770 and the HFI780. I think that the HP100 would be the largest improvement over m50s though.

Yeah, I don't know much about amps and DAC's. As they aren't my cup of tea. But I'll take your advice. Thanks man :)

Shure srh940

Shure SE425 dual driver (in-ear)

Senninheiser HD8


The HD8's look to be a bit over my budget. And the other two don't look like they're for me. Thanks for the help though man :)

Hmm, these actually look great :D I might get a pair. As for the amps, is there anything you'd recommend under $80? If not, I might just go ampless. :) 

Thanks a bunch,


I would take a look at the E11 or the cMoy if I were you. I personally like Fiio, but I know a lot of people like JDS labs (sells the O2).

EDIT: That is only if you already have a dac for home use and are just looking for something portable. If you don't have a dac/amp for home, then I suggest you save up for the E17 as it fills all requirements. And if you do get the HP100, I am interested in how the sound compares to the m50s, so you should let me know.

AKG K550 is a popular choice. There have been some people complaining about fatigue from the treble, but FiiO amps tend to be a bit warm (adds bass and low-mids) so it'll turn into a bit of a U-shaped sound signature.

I would recommend EQing your headphones. I'll link the guide:

Loving my sr225is for metal/rock/etc. Really good sounding with guitars, though not as much bass as you probably would prefer for dubstep/electronic. 

I have those headphones. Super comfortable, flat response. Sometimes the treble can be a little high but rarely, really depends on source. But yea they are perfect for EQing