Best 2.0 Channel Desktop Speakers?

I have heard a lot about the Audio Engine A5's and A2+ but they are just a bit to expensive for my taste.

The A2+'s are more in my range but I would NEVER buy them because of that rear mounted volume nob (I mean what the fuck was the design team thinking!).

Any ideas for something of similar quality for a better price ?? 

Microlab Solo 6c's ???? Depends if you can get them where you are. Should be cheaper than A2+'s. Best to always hear for yourself before buying speakers if you can.

I use Creative T40s. they're cheap, not overly big and the quality is descent. I would make rather have some A5s but yeah bit to pricey for me.

Kanto YUMI/YU3/YU5?

Volume knob is on the front.

I have been using the Bose Companion 5 multimedia speaker system for around 6 years now. Great speakers especially for gaming and watching movies. But the cost is around $399 atm so yea.

So i recently bought a pair of Klipsch RB 81 II and those are really awesome. They sound really great, if you like a horn tweeter, and their bass is really punchy on these beasts.

Would definitely suggest these:

This is a little late, but The Wirecutter recommends the M-Audio AV40,  I've been thinking of downgrading from my Z5500 setup as I could definitely use something smaller, but haven't been able to find the AV40s as of a month ago.  Maybe they've been discontinued?

Myself has boughted a new TV with 'bee in a tin can' audio system ,I want these now instead of KRK RP5 Rokit 5 G3's (was planning to get one at a time)?


My first post, but a topic im good at. Check out these speakers


with this amp


i use the non AMT version of that speaker and the same amp and they sound really good.